What is Behavioural Coaching?

Ask 10 people what coaching is and you will no doubt get 20 different answers.

For us it is simple...it is about helping our clients deliver the results that they are struggling to achieve under their own steam - and making sure that they continue to deliver them.

How do we differ from regular business coaches?  Our definition of business coaching is as follows:

Business Coaching is focused on the success of the business; it's an ongoing professional relationship which helps people produce extraordinary results. The outcome is improved performance and bottom line results.

To do this there needs to be some change in behaviour - Behavioural Coaches help people to do different things to achieve the different outcomes that they are looking for.  Behavioural Coaching uses a deep understanding of human behaviour to facilitate change, help people understand their own behavioural preferences and allow them to be much more effective in dealing with others.

The lasting benefits of Behavioural Coaching include:

  • Improved individual performance
  • Focused achievement of important goals or objectives
  • Creating a balance between work and home challenges
  • Improved team dynamics and effectiveness
  • Reduced conflict - internally and externally
  • More effective sales performance
  • Improved leadership and management performance
  • Better bottom-line results