Proven Coaching Systems

If you are looking for additional resources to develop and grow your coaching practice - whether you are new to coaching or an experienced coach - our Coaching Systems can provide you with the tools that will let you help individuals and organisations develop the right skills, attitudes and behaviours to deliver extraordinary improvements and make them stick permanently.

OBCC Coaching Systems are flexible, manageable and most importantly will give you the tools to deliver value to any business no matter what size.

The Business Coach™

A comprehensive coaching system aimed at small to medium businesses, The Business Coach provides a structured coaching methodology that offers flexible solutions for owner managed businesses, through growing and developing medium businesses as well as individual and team coaching.  It provides a combination of one to one coaching interventions, structured business improvement and team development, delivering change that lasts.

The Executive Coach™

Executive coaching is a growing and important area of coaching that is increasingly accepted in the majority of FTSE 500 companies.  Executive Coaching is about helping key members of organisations achieve their full potential, get the best from their teams and successfully navigate the challenges of corporate life.

The Executive Coach offers a structured and flexible coach approach to work with business leaders, senior managers and those being groomed for promotion - maximising the return from the organisation's most important assets.

The Sales Coach™

At the forefront of any business lies the sales force - the people who win and care for our customers in an increasingly competitive and challenging market place.  Whatever the business, however large or small, effective sales performance is key to success… or survival.

The Sales Coach provides a coaching platform to develop both sales managers and their teams to deliver the best possible performance and motivation.  It focuses on communication skills, personal performance and beating sales targets, using a structured, but flexible coaching methodology which will bring out the best in the sales team.

If you want to move your coaching business forward and don't know how to take it to the next level, ask us about our Coaching Systems - they might be just what you need.