Putting round pegs in round holes

Oct 02, 2012

The quiet, analytical person - loves figures, detail and is a perfectionist - to the point of frustrating you at times!

The gregarious, popular person who is very good at getting people to go along with them, loved by your customers, but is a bit slip-shod with the detail… and certainly isn't a finisher.

The task oriented person - give them a target and they'll complete it… even if it upsets a few people along the way.

The steady, loyal and accommodating one - totally reliable, greatly liked by their fellow team members… but at times not having the urgency that you're looking for.

If you had insight into what made these people behave as they do, how powerful could that be in getting your team to work together more effectively?

Square pegs in round holes at best make the most of a difficult situation - and at worst put those involved under considerable stress - not to mention the effect on their fellow team members.

Everything DiSC offers a proven, effective and accessible way to understand your team members, give them insight into their own styles and preferences and get the best from them.


Your team is full of individuals with great talents, but do you really understand where both their strengths and their preferences lie?
It's a proven fact that people perform better when in roles that they feel suit their strengths and their behavioural preferences.  Let me give you some examples which may ring bells with you thinking of people in your team…