Why business coaching?

Dec 21, 2012

Something that is taken for granted in the massive business that is international competitive sport is the vital impact that a coach makes on individual and team performance… and your business is really no different!

Coaching in business! As I said, we've all heard of a coach, in terms of a football team, an athlete, tennis player or swimmer, but for a business owner, that's still a new one! As business moves through the 21st Century and with continually increasing customer expectations and demands, it is clear that the world is a more challenging place.

What sort of businesses would benefit? Well, not just business which is struggling - all businesses can benefit from the services of a professional business coach. Whether it's a business which is seeking to avoid decline, one which is growing strongly, or a business that is successful but wanting to change its direction or improve how it deals with (and retains) it's customers, working with a coach can have a huge impact.

I like to think of a business coach as rather like a "virtual" non-executive director… they're not there as consultants, they don't want to run or take your business over - they want to help you get the best returns from your investment. A business coach or executive coachwill work with you,

focusing on your strengths, look for areas to improve your skills and knowledge, help you set and plan achievable goals and teach you how to track your progress as you move along your chosen path. They'll also motivate you and your team to make the very best of your business based on your own values, beliefs and vision.

If you were a professional (or a challenging amateur) sportsman who already had the skills needed to play your sport but wanted to get better at your game, you'd hire a coach, how many golfers have had a lesson from a coach and not found some benefit? A business coach will do the same thing for you in your business, using their experience and knowledge to help you find solutions that will help you get achieve your full potential. They'll act as advisor and confidant - they'll be your unreasonable friend! They'll look at your business with an unbiased eye guiding you in everything from time management and performance improvement to team motivation and conflict resolution.

You may be thinking…"but they won't know anything about my business - it's unique!" Well that's what business owners think - but in reality, you are the expert in your business, your coach is the independent and skilled catalyst to help you get the most from your business. Going back to the sporting analogy (although a touch topical right now for the wrong reasons!)… Not many people know who Hank Haney is in golf. You may know he was Tiger Woods' golf coach at the height of his career - he isn't as good at golf as Woods, but he's been a crucial part of his success in his golfing career to date.

As with any business investment, you will be looking for a good return on your investment - your coach will be focused on delivering value - real bottom line improvement. Coaching has been shown time and time again to be one of the most effective ways of adding value in business.

Let's not forget the theme of this month's newsletter… Customer Service Excellence - getting your team to work with your coach can help ensure the consistent delivery of exceptional customer service - with your team being motivated, taking ownership and truly believing in delivering your vision for sector leading service to your customers that always exceeds their expectations.

So… a business coach can be your secret weapon in growing your business and looking after your crucial customer base… helping you to outshine the competition in all respects. Think about it carefully… All those winning sporting icons can't be wrong - isn't it about time that you became champion in your chosen field?

Business Coach… Your Secret Weapon - Get one soon before the competition beat you to it!!