Haulage & Distribution

Apr 16, 2012

"Before I made the decision to engage my coach my company was not being managed by its managers, the company was running them.

We all lacked direction, didn't understand our role within the company clearly, we also gave 100% at something that wasn't ever going to succeed in its present format.

My business coach made me realise that I have to take a step back and work on the company and its staff not work in the company.

Problems that were staring me in the face before hand I still couldn't see now jump out and are put right. Now when issues arise they are looked at and dealt with immediately before they become a bigger issue.

I used to make sales efforts spasmodically and not measure the results. We hadn't a clue which marketing methods worked and how much each new client had actually cost to secure, we now measure and evaluate our marketing and results.

I feel that since working with my coach we have strengthened, become more focused and organised and have built a secure platform to go forward."

Chris Flynn, MD, CFT Services Ltd