Recruitment and Selection

Feb 14, 2012

"I've really enjoyed our executive coaching relationship, and feel like I have got a lot out of it.

On starting working with my coach I was a little apprehensive about how it would work, and whether I would actually benefit from it. Prior to our first meeting I had even considered dropping off the scheme as I didn't think that it would be a valuable use of my time. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The coaching relationship gave me the chance to think about my situation from the "outside" and see opportunities that I couldn't have seen without someone being able to question my behaviour, motives and actions.

I found that one of the most useful techniques was simply having my normal processes and beliefs questioned. Usually I then came up with ideas and solutions myself, that were obviously in my head, but needed someone to tease them out.

The coaching relationship so far has helped me to have focus in my future career decisions, improved my confidence in dealing with other people and given me some really useful ideas to build my business.

Having someone who has no bias, or vested interest in your life or business to sound ideas off, ask for inspiration, and an impartial view is really useful and provided me with the confidence to move by business forward.

I feel lucky to have been presented with this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you Dave - you've been fantastic!"

Director - Recruitment & Selection